Stephen Brandes, A Selection Of Work On Vinyl, 30th June - 20th September 2014


Situated at the new Wexford County Council headquarters this exhibition was the first ever solo-exhibition of visual art held in the building. A total of six works on Vinyl were chosen by artist Stephen Brandes and a selection of small-scale works on paper provided a glimpse into the working processes of the artist.

Stephen Brandes’ practice explores the interplay of word and visual language as a vehicle for storytelling, with particular reference to travel fiction and European traditions of absurdism and satire. For several years he embarked on a series of very large, highly detailed drawings on floor vinyl, which charted a perpetually expanding fictional universe- the genesis of which was a journey through contemporary Eastern Europe, following a route his grandmother made in 1913, escaping pogroms in Romania.

This exhibition took Brandes’ imagined landscapes as its point of departure to dwell upon the human desire for utopia. It is a celebration of the imagination and absurd meanderings of the artist that conjure up a dysfunctional yet comic utopian vision wherein Wexford County Hall itself could fit.