Generating A City, Installation View, It Is Not On Any Map; True Places Never Are, Youghal, 2014

Generating A City was created as a site specific work to form part of the exhibition, "It Is Not On Any Map: True Places Never Are" curated by Maria Tanner. Located in a disused residence nine artists were selected via open submission to create a site specific exhibition of work that provoke questions around the notion of a true place. 


Through exploring the characterisitics of light, its reflections, projections and refractions the artist produced four camerae obscurae. One screen projected three miniature camerae obscurae, each reflecting the idyllic exterior setting of the sea and headland. In contrast the second screen projected one large camera obscura evidencing a human presence on the landscape: with houses and roads, cars and people passing by. In the centre of the space was a rectangular frame of water that captured and reflected the variations of light occurring within the room. Rising dominantly (l'object intrusian) from the water rose a large wooden structure, illuminated from within and resembling a skyscraper. The light from within the structure cast its shadow across the room: to awaken the eye to the word Ambivalence positioned in reverse order echoing the behaviour of obscured light and human attitude to the perponderance of our ecological impact.